The UK-Liberia Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting environmental sustainability and fully supports initiatives that facilitate this, in the fight against climate change. Liberia’s energy consumption is currently heavily dependent on biomass with a share of more than 80% of the used primary energy sources. Consequently, woody biomass is often utilized for domestic cooking and heating purposes, as well as firewood and charcoal. These energy sources used in high quantities are detrimental to both the environment and the population of Liberians exposed to such pollution. We believe these known environmental hazards must be tackled in Liberia as sustainability is of utmost importance and must be executed on a practical level. This event will be hosted by UKLCC and is a part of our Cop 26 , we aim to use our platform to promote greater environmental sustainability for Liberians and discuss with expert speakers ways in which we can facilitate this and pave the way for positive change. The Chamber of Commerce aims to work closely with local farmers to find alternative sustainable means of energy production and ways in which to reduce harmful carbon emissions whilst minimizing waste.

The Speakers are;

  • The Associate (ESG & Climate Change), Herbert Smith Freehills,London, United Kingdom – Jannis Billes,
  • The ESG Director of Investment Banking Associate, Stronghold Global Finance, London – Katerina Avramopoulou,
  • The Executive Director, Nature Compact, Monrovia, Liberia -Borwen Sanyon.

The Moderators are;

  • The Director of Communication & External Affairs, UK-Liberia Chamber of Commerce – Wofai Samuel,
  • Climate Change Lead, UK-Liberia Chamber of Commerce – Grace George.

Scheduled for Friday, October 29th, Register via;

Our Target Audience;

● Key stakeholders (with focus on environmental conservation),
● British Chamber of commerce and their members,
● Businesses with interest or focus on sustainability and climate change,
● BCC international network members,
● Key Institutions in Liberia and UK,
● Banks and Financial Institutions in West Africa,
● Investment Organisations in West Africa,
● The general public & UK-LCC members.

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