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The Nature Compact (TNC) is one of Liberia’s leading environmental and natural resource management firms currently supporting Private Sector actors to mainstream sustainability through compliance with sustainability principles for reducing deforestation in Forestry, Agriculture, and Mining.

TNC is working with the Private Sector to ensure that Liberia reduces deforestation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, by mainstreaming climate smart approaches.  

TNC recognizes that growth and development cannot continue without countries tracking climate change and boosting environmental sustainability.

Liberia’s PAPD, Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement and various global sustainability initiatives reconfirms the need to transition from the current development pathway to a low-carbon climate resilient one that will require investment and innovation to shift decision making in dealing with environmental issues to ensure sustainable productions TNC is currently engaging the Ministry of Mines and Energy across artisanal mining hotspots across Liberia to implement the Artisanal Mining Policy Regulations and engaging ArcelorMittal Iron Ore Mining Company in Nimba County, to increase its commitment to protecting forest covers and reduce climate change impacts, consistent with Liberia’s National REDD+ Strategy and Climate Adaptation response.

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