Sectors We Serve

UK-Liberia Chamber of Commerce helps you embark on sustainable, profitable, and innovative business ventures in the following areas:

Renewable Energy

Liberia is currently battling a nation-wide energy crisis, especially in rural areas and agricultural hubs which lack the resources and technical support to implement renewable energy electrification programs. Chamber of Commerce offers its unwavering assistance to businesses seeking to explore renewable energy solutions to increase access to affordable and year-round electricity services in Liberia.


While a majority of the local population is involved in Liberia’s agriculture, this sector’s productivity still remains very low. Chamber of Commerce can help businesses and members interested in improving food security with a keen focus towards strengthening the agrarian economy in Liberia. Whether it is introducing modern cultivation techniques, value-chain investment, addressing market failures, or introducing new agricultural initiatives – we can help you out!

Infrastructure Development

Liberia has been plagued with infrastructural issues across the transport and telecommunication industry ever since the civil war took place. Some of these obstacles include having a weak road network, poor road conditions, lack of cell towers, and high costs of power generation. If you are a business interested in infrastructural investment, then the Chamber of Commerce can lend you its precise market intelligence and business development services.

Trade & Finance

The trade and finance climate in Liberia is exceptionally positive as the government welcomes partnerships interested in making progress through liberal foreign exchange policies, a free enterprise system, and zero taxes. Chamber of Commerce can help you tap into the reservoir of significant trade and finance investment opportunities that are waiting for you in Liberia. We can help develop market entry strategies to get you started with your UK-Liberia business.

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