The UK Liberia Chamber of commerce runs special programs aimed to reduce poverty through economic development as well as designed a channel for businesses in the UK to get the most up to date information on doing business with Liberia.

The co objectives of the Chamber's special initiatives are to:

Strategic Areas of Focus


Private Sector Development

The UKLCC represents the legitimate interests of the private sector to the Government and thus ensure better private sector participation in the regulatory process and provide better support to the Chamber’s Voice of Business Committee. We work with our partners to establish viable economic development projects which encourage private sector investment into development-ready projects such as the construction of affordable housing, hospitals, and roads



Working with partner organizations to develop and pilot entrepreneurship programs to test the viability of broader scope offerings. Our Entrepreneurship programs provide critical opportunities for businesses to achieve optimal productivity and contribute actively to their local and national economies. The UKLCC  aims to develop and promote initiatives that seek to help young entrepreneurs to start new businesses and support established enterprises to accelerate their growth and impact in Liberia and the United Kingdom.

Natural Resource Management (agriculture, forestry & fisheries)

The UK-Liberia Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting natural resource management, especially in the area of Agricultural growth, forestry, and fisheries, as such create linkages for investors to strengthen supply chains, create jobs, employment, and generate revenue. The  projected future demand for timber, coupled with the likely global shortage of supply of sawed logs, places Liberia in a prominent position to be a significant global supplier of commercial timber.

Develop and deliver a range of products, services, and commercial opportunities

Human Capital (youth development, education, health systems & social protection)

One of the UKLCC core initiatives is developing new strategies to attract investment into the knowledge, skills, and health of both people within communities to enhance sustained economic growth and reduce poverty.


Capacity Building Initiative

The UK-Liberia Chamber of Commerce aims to efficiently provide the most relevant and practical training to support businesses for them to navigate uncertain organizational challenges by themselves in the future.

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