About Us

The UK-Liberia Chamber of Commerce  was established in 2019 and represents the legitimate interests of businesses, institutions,  organizations in the UK, and Liberia, thus creating opportunities to facilitate new partnerships and economic prosperity. The UKLCC  has a strong focus on international business relations, providing expert knowledge, on a range of matters, from international business relations, trade and industry, and market entry conditions.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between UK and Liberia business by developing a strong positive working relationship with the business community and become the most trusted body in facilitating the entry of UK businesses into Liberia.

Our Mssion

To enhance and improve the general trade and business climate between UK and Liberia by promoting responsible trade, protecting the rights of businesses, and assisting companies and shareholder investors in exploring investment opportunities adhering to rules and standards that govern international business.

Why choose UK-Liberia Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber of Commerce is at the front line when it comes to helping entrepreneurs in both the UK and Liberia explore mutually beneficial and exciting business opportunities.

Here is why we pride ourselves for being the most resourceful UK-Liberia not-for-profit business platform:


We are closely familiar with every aspect of running a UK-Liberia business relationship. Our network can help provide useful broad-based market insights to help members and businesses make the most informed decision. We have your best interest in mind.


Our UK-Liberia team of advisory experts have a cumulative experience of 60+ years under their belt in helping both novice entrepreneurs and established corporations set up their UK-Liberia business. Take advantage of our industry-leading expertise to help your business thrive


Being part of the Chamber of Commerce community helps you identify strategic business investment opportunities, gain valuable business advice, and undertake joint ventures with other members. You get a chance to connect and network with like-minded individuals.


Practicing socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, and ethical business activities is one of the foundational cornerstones of the Chamber of Commerce. Our goal is to create long-term societal value by encouraging members and businesses to implement CSR in their business model.

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